Winery of Seron. Andalusian wine.


The winery of Serón, in its short history, since it was inaugurated in 2007, already has several awards for its wines over the years, in their participation in the various official competitions held to date. Mosque Awards 2009, Bacchus 2010 and more recently the Cinve 2011, in Red Oak and White Didacus Saetías have come to recognize the great work of this winery Almeria, which has already become a landmark in the wine world.


The vineyards of the winery of Seron, are located between the slopes of the Sierra and the Sierra Filabres of stays, so you can say it's a wine between mountains. She Almanzora Valley winery offers two of the finest wines of the Sierra and personal of Estancia like Didacus and Saetías. Its unique aroma and distinctive texture make these exquisite wine selection. Both wines come from vineyards and are benefiting from the mention of Wines and certified as Quality of Andalusia. The certificate 'Wines' issued by Agrocolor distinguished from a safe and reliable products that have been produced and processed in accordance with the requirements specified in the specification for the protected geographical indication (PGI).


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  • La bodega de Serón. Paraje la Zalea 04890 Serón (Almería) (Spain)


Monday to Friday

Mornings: 10:00h a 14:00h

Afternoons:    -CLOSED-

Saturdays and Sundays

Mornings and afternoons: By appointment